Your HVAC System Spring Checklist

- Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Your HVAC system only works properly when regular and proper maintenance is done. Seasonal changes like spring can impact your HVAC system considerably. If you don’t maintain the system seasonally, its ability to produce and distribute air evenly and steadily may be compromised. Below is a checklist for spring maintenance. But, if you have an existing maintenance contract with a professional HVAC company in your area - like Covenant Heating & Air Conditioning, consult with them to coordinate service calls and obtain advice on checklist items appropriate to DIY or ask about obtaining a maintenance contract. Covenant is the exclusive Pekin, Peoria, East Peoria and Lincoln area dealer for Goodman™ and Carrier® Central AC.

Warmer Spring & Hot Summer Weather can Challenge HVAC Systems

As temperatures heat up April, May, and June, you want to be sure you can rely on your HVAC system to keep your indoors comfortably cool. The AC units are the primary components that are first affected because the capacitor keeping the motor running is vulnerable to overheating. When the capacitor has to keep the motor running for a long time, other components can also get damaged, requiring repair. Below is a handy “HVAC System Spring Checklist” for your review and reference as you ensure proper preventive maintenance.

HVAC System Spring Checklist

  1. Clean or replace all filters
  2. Clean condenser & evaporator coils
  3. Replace any worn-out pulleys & belts
  4. Check drain pans for standing water & clear pans to prevent overflows
  5. Clean drain lines for proper flow & clear clogs
  6. Inspect ducts for dust, mold, & debris & clean as needed
  7. Observe humidity levels in & around HVAC system
  8. Check refrigerant charge & check for leaks
  9. Inspect thermostats & controls to ensure temperatures & timer functions are good
  10. Replace batteries as needed
  11. Check electrical system & connections
  12. Check fan motor to ensure operating correctly
  13. Check blowers & inspect fan blades for proper airflow
  14. Lubricate motor bearings & other moving parts
  15. Check for leaks in cabinet & ensure cabinet door closes safely
  16. Check for dust & debris around outdoor units

Get Your HVAC Ready for the Spring & Summer Heat.

Now that you are in the know about a “Spring Checklist for Your HVAC System”, consult with the experts at Covenant Heating & Air Conditioning to complete the checklist properly. Covenant services over 5,000 property owners and offers service maintenance packages, providing you peace of mind you can count on.