What is Central Heating System Maintenance?

tech using screwdriver to fix central heating system
- Friday, March 01, 2024

Maintenance of your Central Heating System ensures the safe and proper functioning of the entire system. Local building codes and/or system warranties often require building owners to have regular inspections and maintenance performed using a qualified central heating system professional.

When inspection and maintenance are performed, it is recommended that you document the actions taken, detailing maintenance and repair completed, or simply document the date inspection completed with basic cleaning.

Heating maintenance and savings

Central heating system maintenance is essential for proper functioning. Maintenance procedures protect your system’s components to extend the life of your equipment and reduce system operating costs.

Almost 90% of all central heating system problems are due to a build-up of dirt and sludge. An annual (ideally bi-annual) maintenance by a qualified central heating system professional can help flush debris out of central heating units, stopping bigger problems from occurring later on and preventing breakdowns.

Central heating system maintenance can be contracted for – signed maintenance plans with a qualified professional heating system company like Covenant will ensure the proper function of the heating system.

How much can you save?

Thanks to the professional preventive and corrective heating system maintenance, attractive benefits can be achieved:

  • Energy savings that translate into lower bills. More efficient heating systems based on technologies for greater energy efficiency generate economic savings on the energy bill.
  • Benefits to the environment. Central heating system maintenance can offer the level of comfort that homeowners need while their homes consume less energy and emit less carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, reducing greenhouse effect.
  • Customers benefit from a comprehensive service. Just as your car needs regular maintenance to protect its parts, so does your central heating system. With a continued bi-annual maintenance plan, qualified professionals perform specific procedures that protect your system’s components for peace of mind.

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